The Band That Fell To Earth - A Tribute to David Bowie
A tribute to the music of David Bowie

The Band that Fell to Earth - Member Bios

Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography
Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography
Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography
Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography
Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography
Photo Credit: John Jonas Photography

Bailey Ann - Lead Vocals

Bailey grew up in the small town of Big Lake, MN. When she wasn't showing her horses, she stayed busy working on the family farm. Her first exposure to David Bowie was seeing the movie Labyrinth as a kid.
Bailey's musical influences include *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, and Britney Spears to name a few. When she's not performing with The Band That Fell To Earth, you can catch her singing with Band 51 at area clubs.

John Hudgens - Keyboard and vocals. 

John hails from Lafayette, Indiana and formed his first band in college mixing his musical interests with electronics playing analog synthesizers, vacuum tube organs and old Wurlitzer pianos.  Constantly experimenting, John ran his keyboard rig through home built effects boxes and reel to reel tape machines to create unique sounds.  His experience carries through to his approach to the full range of keyboard sounds required in the band, getting as close as possible to the original sounds used by David Bowie in his music.


A fan of classic and prog rock, Johns musical influences include Yes, David Bowie, ELO, Kansas, and Rush that morphed into the new wave bands of the 80's such as The Cars, Gary Numan, and Talking Heads.  Though a long time Minnesota resident, John just got back into playing music in the last 5 years.  "I'm truly honored to play with such great musicians who care about the music of David Bowie".

Matt Cary - Guitar and Vocals

Matt grew up in the Twin Cities area and started playing guitar back in the '80s after hearing Scorpions' "Blackout" and hasn't looked back. 
Memorable places Matt has played along the way are Liverpool England's CAVERN CLUB and the annual Minneapolis Basilica Block Party and the former Toby Keith's I Love This Bar. 
He says "It's awesome playing Bowie's songs with Bailey, Tom, John, Jason and Pete! We have fun every time we get on stage together and it seems to rub off onto the audience as well. You'll find out when you come see us-" 
Matt is also known for his impressive collection of Gibson Flying V guitars!

Jason Dieter - Guitar and Vocals

Born and raised an hour west of Minneapolis, Jason's musical inspirations are his dad, his brother William, and his aunt Lori Dokken, and recently, his daughter Ellie. "My daughter and brother both possess this fearless quality and confidence when it comes to music. They just approach the mic or the instrument and let it fly!" 
Jason didn’t get serious about voice or guitar until his early 20’s. "When I borrowed Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime from a friend, Geoff Tate and the story, blew my mind." 
Jason named playing on Lake Bemidji with his band RIZE during the annual pond hockey tournaments among his most memorable gigs. 
"Learning the music of David Bowie has been a welcome challenge. I get to perform music I wouldn’t normally perform and I get to do it alongside musicians that I admire. Like my dad, these folks work hard and are among my Heroes.

Tom Dery - Bass guitar and Vocals

Known aliases include ‘Tommy D’, ‘Meadowlark Lemmy’, ‘Hockeydad’, ‘Spaceman’, ‘Major Tom’, ‘silly bass player! 
Tom grew up in Green Bay, WI and after running lights for a neighborhood band, he secured the bass spot in Mad Racket’ in 1981 and went on to play in various cover bands. He also played some righteous original Rock & Roll with ‘Ameritron’! 
Tom plays Wal, Fender, Gibson, Steinberger, & O’Hagan basses. His influences include Dusty Hill, Pete Way, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, John Deacon, and Dougie Thomson. Anyone who's met Tom knows he's one of RUSH's biggest fans! Fastidious and precise. Usually 

Pete Johnson - Drums and Vocals 

Currently from Minneapolis, Pete grew up in Fargo ND, and began traveling the Midwest with The Street Band as a teen. After relocating to the Twin Cities area in 2010, he joined up with Brat Pack Radio until 2014 when he decided to take on some of the freelance drumming jobs that he was being offered regularly, including drumming with Patrik Tanner & The Faraway Men, GB Leighton, Dirtball Deluxe, and Anthony Shore’s Elvis Tribute All Star Band, to name a few. "I love playing Bowie music with these guys and girl. We believe in it and that really goes a long way."